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. Jay Stetzer - Stories from the Heart .
Photo: Jay Stetzer

What makes nifty stories?

There is an awesome power in a story, and it is transferred from the teller to the listener with two simple tools: the spoken word and a willing imagination, engaging the listener as if he or she were actually living it. Nifty stories embrace these two vital elements.

I paint words into worlds as I work with children and adults, in classrooms and performance halls, solo or with a symphony orchestra. Nifty stories create remarkable worlds.

The world is filled with billions of stories, all played out every moment, every hour, everywhere, all of them woven into a timeless tapestry. I observe that tapestry and tell what I see. Listeners are held in the story... and then released back into their daily lives, somehow renewed and transformed.

Nifty stories renew the spirit
...that's what makes them nifty!

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