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School Programs

Jay performs in school

My school programs have been said to be "engaging, exciting, and memorable." And they are!

I deliver programs in schools throughout the region in three different forms:

  • Performances
    I offer three programs to school groups, each of which provides one-of-a-kind "edutainment" through a unique interplay of the spoken word, music, mime, sign language, and audience participation.
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  • Workshops
    I offer two workshops to school groups that give students and teachers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the basics of story for telling and writing purposes.
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  • Artist-in-Residencies
    An in-residence experience offers students a unique opportunity to experience an artist and his art at close range. I can provide a wide variety of artist-in-residence experience, ranging from a single-contact visit to week-long experiences that involve your whole school.
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I've never seen an audience of squirmy little bodies sit so still. Jay is a magician -- no, a wizard -- with children and adults.
Rose Quiller, Teacher

Please contact me to arrange a school program:
     Phone: (585) 727-0700

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