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World Stories

Throughout the world stories have been told and retold for millennia. They act as vital threads that weave through the fabric of any culture, lending definition, roots, and significance to the society from which they have sprung.

World Stories

Though my home is in Rochester NY, I like to travel. One of the great benefits of my travels throughout the world is the wellspring of stories I have found in each country I have visited. I have also had the opportunity to learn a bit about each country, which, in turn, lends substantial meaning to the stories I hear. In the process, I have discovered how world stories arise out of the cultures from which they are born. The more I experience a particular culture, the more I appreciate the value of their stories.

Some world stories are humorous.
Some world stories are mysterious.
Some world stories are insightful.
Some world stories are enigmatic.

Regardless of their intent, all world stories express deep bonds with the fabric of a country and culture. People tell of their experiences through world stories, and world stories tell of people and their experiences.

To enjoy the breadth of subject matter found in world stories, listen to my CD entitled World Full of Stories. It's an award-winning recording that will take you on a delightful trip around the world!

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