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Inspirational Stories

Jay inspires a classroom of kids

I have spent a good amount of my time researching stories that offer listeners something more than simply a clever plot. Call it a message, or perhaps a hint of direction, even a moral. It doesn't really matter what name you give to this elusive quality; it's more important that the stories I tell possess it.

Inspirational stories give listeners something to chew on... something to mull over... something that points them a bit closer to their "true north."

On the Listen page of my website, click any one of the story samples and you're likely to find a message worth your time. I find that inspirational stories stick in the memory long after they're told. In fact, the inspirational stories I tell even inspire me!

In this fast-moving, complex world, we all need a bit of "inner" direction to guide us as we move down the highway of life. Inspirational stories help keep us on the road.

There's a wealth of inspirational stories available on all of my recordings. Check them out!

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