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Priceless Humor

Everyone loves to laugh. Especially here in Rochester, NY, laughter lightens the heart and enlivens the spirit. And everyone loves to laugh at the foibles of our own species.

Baby humor

What makes priceless humor?

The answer is simple. Priceless humor involves situations which most of us have experienced... the lost keys, the missed appointment, the misunderstood comment... and the laughable consequences that follow.

My CD Parking in Manhattan illustrates many humorous circumstances where listeners can relate to and empathize with the characters involved in hilarious comedy.

Priceless situations create priceless humor.

Many world stories also capitalize on priceless humor, and the retelling of such stories never ceases to bring gales of laughter and delight to the listeners.

Check out Tarantula or Herschel in the Woods from my CD Fables in Four Minutes. Listen to The Egg Seller or Hickory Dock from World Full of Stories. These are just a few examples of priceless humor that will stick with you long after you heard them.

Priceless humor is... priceless!

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